Personal Empowerment Index (PEI)

​Empowerment can be defined as the process of being released to develop and grow to full potential. This is something that is talked about a great deal when talking about transformational development. But, how do measure this and establish a point score of how empowered we are, and subsequently even track the progress of this? Personal empowerment levels can be tracked by carrying out the PEI- Personal Empowerment Index.
​The PE Index tool was developed by Dr Ravi Jayakaran in the form of a simple participatory tool that measures the level to which an individual controls the 4 components that contribute to empowerment.

These 4 components are:
1. Level of control on one's health
2. Level of control on one's personal income
3. Level of control on personal expenditure
4. Level of control on one's micro political environment.

​This online self test can help you carry out a test to determine how empowered you are.

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