Dr. Ravi
Dr Ravi I. Jayakaran has well over three decades of experience in Poverty reduction and providing strategic support to Transformational Development programs. He is currently the Catalyst for Integral Mission for the Lausanne Movement and heads up e3Partners Ministries' Community Transformation programs around the globe. Before moving to Atlanta to serve with MAP international  heading their Global Programs division, Dr. Jayakaran was Chief Consultant of Quality Professional Interfaces (QPI-GMS). In this role he was based in Phnom Penh Cambodia, and worked predominantly in the Greater Mekong sub-regional (GMS)Countries, providing consultancy on issues of Participatory development, Poverty reduction, impact of Regional economic integration, HIV-AIDS prevention programs, Street children support programs, Trafficking prevention, Rapid needs assessments, Corporate social responsibility, Evaluations and capacity building.
He has worked providing consultancy to a variety of Regional government organizations in the GMS, the ADB (Asian Development Bank), the UNDP and several International NGOs.
Dr Jayakaran has experience in providing consultancies in over 23 countries in the Asia pacific region, and also in Africa and Latin America. He is a prolific writer and has brought out over 18 publications. His latest book ‘Empowering Children’ came out in May 2011.
He started his career working in Maharashtra, India, with Magsasay award winner and Mahatma Gandhi’s right hand man – Dr Manibhai Desai-who was the founding Director of Bharatiya Agro-Industries Foundation Ltd. Following this he moved to the state of Bihar, India, where he was the head of the corporate social responsibility wing of the Usha Martin Group of Industries in Tatisilwai, Bihar, India, till 1992, when he joined World Vision International. Dr Jayakaran served with World Vision International in various leadership roles in India, Cambodia, China and the Asia Pacific Region.

Ravi has lived and worked long term in India, Cambodia, China and the United States of America. His wife Vimla completed an assignment as a teacher at the prestigious International school of Phnom Penh, before they moved to the US. They have two sons – Amit & Rohit. Amit has a MS in robotic engineering from UFL and lives in San Francisco with his wife Allison. Rohit, the younger son has a MS in International Business from London and has worked in various radio stations in India as an anchor and producer. He is currently based in Dubai and is the Digital Director at a radio network.

Dr Jayakaran has developed several Participatory development tools including the Holistic Worldview Analysis (HWVA) which is a foundational tool for Holistic transformation development leading to community Empowerment, and several participatory tools for 'Measuring what matters' in the Transformational Development process. This is a subject that is very close to his heart and which he has researched extensively.

​Ravi and Vimla Jayakaran are currently based in the US and live in Dallas, Texas.

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